@mak + eri

mak sent an ask and eri made a post i just wanted to post this at once so you both could see (and sry for all the informalities and run-ons i needed to get it all out of my head fast):

thank u guys i really do appreciate the support i just tell people not to reply b/c i dont make sad personal posts a lot and i dnt like it when people worry over me plus i didnt want anyone to feel inclined to check up on me. usually when im sad about something i cry about it for a cpl minutes and look at funny stuff and it all goes away. mulling over things creates problems for me which is why i really dont like discussing my problems but thank you i really do love you for being such good friends and complimenting me i really appreciate it a lot :’)

[Posted August 24th, 2012 at 10:07 PM]
  1. janesrgent said: you deserve every bit of love
  2. iankabras-arse said: of course, claudia, of course :)
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